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On the 100th birthday of Kurt Jooss (12/01/1901 - 22/05/1979), co-founder of the Folkwang School and founder of the Folkwang Dance Studio, the “Kurt Jooss Prize” was awarded for the first time on 1 November 2001 as part of the “Folkwang.Fest der Künste.Tanz!” dance festival.

This prize comes with an endowment of 10,000 euros, and the international call for applications is issued jointly by the City of Essen and the Anna and Hermann Markard Foundation.
The prize is awarded every 3 years. The foundation has ensured that the award ceremony continues to be held, even after the death of Anna Markard (née Jooss) in 2010. Each time the “Kurt Jooss Prize” is to be awarded to a choreographer of the young generation. The applicants are subject to neither stylistic nor age restrictions.

The next Kurt Jooss Prize will be awarded in 2019.

The closing date for submissions is 24 October 2018!!!!

The terms and conditions of entry and the entry forms can be requested from the Culture Office of the City of Essen, Hollestr. 3, 45121 Essen, or by email at the following address:

Winners of the 2001 award:

  • Annelise Soglio and Torsten Konrad (Germany) with the choreography “States”
  • Samir Akika (Algeria/Germany) with the choreography “Lilja”

Winners of the 2004 award:

  • LaborGras: Renate Graziadei and Arthur Stäldi (Switzerland) with the choreography “Story-NoStory”
  • Johannes Wieland (USA/Germany) with the choreography “Shift”

Winners of the 2007 award:

  • Nicola Mascia and Matan Zamir “Matanicola” (Italy/Israel) with their choreography “Under”

Winners of the 2010 award:

  • Arkadi Zaides (Israel) with the choreography “Solo Colores”

Winners of the 2013 award:

  • Wu Kang Chen and Su Wei Chia (Taiwan/ROC) with the choreography “Playlist”
  • Maura Morales (Cuba) with the choreography “Wunschkonzert”

Winners of the 2016 award:

  • Oscar Buthelezi (South Africa) with the choreography “Road”


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