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What do I have to know about enrolling my children in school? Would a change of school be a good idea, and what type of school is most suitable for my child? There are many topics and questions that concern school children and parents. You can find contact persons and useful tips on the following pages.

Enrolment, information on registering children starting school

Does your child need to enrol soon? Everything you need to know about your child's enrolment can be found on the following pages.
More on enrolling your child (in German)

Support services available at schools

Do you want your child to receive reliable support? Certain schools in Essen have support services available in the morning and afternoon.
More on the support services available at schools in Essen (in German)

All-day schools in Essen

Do you want to learn about the all-day schools available in Essen?
More on the all-day schools available (in German)

School books, free learning materials

Within the framework of the free learning materials principle, school pupils are provided with school books. Part of the cost of these books generally has to be paid by the parents/guardians. If certain conditions are met, the costs for this are paid by the city.
More on the acceptance of costs for school books (in German)

Pupil travel costs (Schoko Ticket)

If certain conditions are met, the City of Essen will provide pupils with a pupil's travel card (Schoko Ticket) at a discounted price.
More on the acceptance of pupil travel costs (in German)

Changing school type

What you need to do if your child is changing school type can be found on the following pages.
More on changing school type (in German)

Transition to secondary schools

At the end of the primary school period, there is an important decision to be made for the further school career of your child.
More information on enrolling in a secondary school (in German)

Transition to secondary level II

In secondary level II, the range of schools available becomes quite broad. Alongside the Gymnasium and Gesamtschule schools, with their various profiles, there are also vocational colleges with a wide range of different training courses.
More information on the transition to secondary level II (in German)

School career advisory service

As regards the school career of your child, you can obtain advice from your child's teachers. The school psychologists support teaching staff and parents (guardians) in school-psychology questions relating to school careers.
More on school career advisory services (in German)

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