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Street cleaning - What does that mean?

Who has to clean?

The streets need to be clean in the City of Essen, too. As a general rule, the City of Essen is obliged to clean the streets. It has transferred the cleaning duty to the waste management company Entsorgungsbetriebe Essen (Essen waste disposal organisations). The City of Essen also has the option of transferring the cleaning duty for certain streets to the residents.

What dirt needs to be removed?

Cleaning includes the removal of refuse and dirt that could significantly impair hygiene, which could represent an obstacle or a hazard to traffic, e.g. paper, bottles, broken glass, dead leaves and branches.

This is governed by the street cleaning charter. It likewise includes all information on the subject of winter service. In addition, our page on winter service tells you everything you need to know in the event of snowfall or icy conditions.

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