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Leisure and holidays

How can children and adults spend their time in Essen, and what leisure options are there to tempt children and young people out into the wide world, or even to enjoy holidays in their own city? From "A" for "angling" to "Z" for "Zeche Zollverein": On the following pages, you can find information and tips on the topics of leisure and holidays in Essen.

Leisure options, from "A" to "Z"

From angling to crazy golf and sailing, all the way to the Essen Events and Cultural Programme: When it comes to leisure, Essen has a lot to offer.
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Ferienspatz the holiday sparrow

Not long now before the holiday sparrow starts into the forthcoming autumn holidays. There is once again an exciting range of holiday activities available for Essen's children.
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Playgrounds in Essen

Are you looking for a playground for your child? Over the following pages, you can find not only all the public playgrounds in Essen, but also contact information to use if you have any questions, or wish to report any problems.
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Children's and youth centres in Essen

Competitions, children's cinema, projects, excursions, holiday play projects, children's discos, football, table football, basketball and much more: the programme of Essen's children's and youth centres leaves almost nothing to be desired. There are activities in almost all of Essen's neighbourhoods.
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Essener Sportbund (Essen sports association) (ESPO)

Sporting opportunities for children, running and walking groups, preventive exercise, and many other sporting disciplines are offered by Essen's sports clubs: the Essener Sportbund association is the point of contact for anything relating to sports.
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Essener Sportjugend (Essen sports youth)

Courses available for children and young people, as well as further training for disseminators and much more: Sportjugend Essen is your point of contact if you are interested in sporting opportunities for children and young people.
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Subsidies for holiday projects of the Essen youth associations

Spending a holiday in an interesting manner does not always have to mean going on expensive trips; destinations in our own country, or those of our European neighbours, can also be extremely exciting. There is good news for those who lose heart when thinking about their holiday finances, provided that the trip organiser is a recognised agent of the free youth aid organisation. As long as the personal criteria are met, young people up to 27 years can receive a financial subsidy for their holiday activities.
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Holiday options for children and young people

How about a surfing taster course and mountain bike tours at a comfort camp in the south of France? Or would you prefer fun in the water at AquaCamp, in a small bay in Greece? Last summer, the range included a cycling and canoeing tour through the Ruhr Valley during the summer holidays, and an adventurous hiking tour through the Westerwald forest. On the following pages, you will find the holiday and leisure options available from the Essen youth associations.
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Extracurricular education options

Learning to play an instrument, discovering a new sport, or getting involved in social or community projects: education also means discovering and developing personal skills and interests. On the following pages, you can learn about the extracurricular education options available in Essen.
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