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Language and Integration Programmes for Refugees

Where can I learn German?

Integration course

An integration course offers the best chance for you to learn German. Here, you won’t just learn the German language, you’ll also learn many important things about life in Germany. Anyone with a residence permit can attend an integration course (for example, those granted asylum).
You can find out more about integration courses at the Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees.

You can find all Essen integration courses here

Integration courses for asylum seekers and tolerated persons

Many refugees who have a residence permit can attend an integration course if the prospects of them being able to stay in Germany look good. This affects people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Eritrea or Somalia, for example.
The Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees provides further information

German courses

There is a large range of courses for learning German in Essen. The courses are aimed at different target groups (such as, for example, adults, young people, people who need to learn to write German) and are offered in many different areas of the city.

A database to help you find the right course.

Essen Adult Education Centre

The adult education centre (VHS) in Essen offers courses in German and integration. You can find the VHS in the city centre, on Burgplatz 1.

Here you can find out more about what VHS offers and find the right point of contact.

Language courses for work

If you already speak German but need to learn more to enter the world of work, it may be worth considering an occupation-based language course.
The Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees will provide you with information on this

Your point of contact at the JobCenter can provide help with this

Contacts: Short and sweet

Adult Education Centre Essen
Burgplatz 1
45127 Essen
Tel. +49 201 88 43001
Local Integration Centre
Hollestraße 3
45127 Essen
JobCenter Essen
Tel. +49 201 88 56999

E-mail the immigration representative at JobCenter Essen:
occupation-based language courses for customers at the JobCenter