Welcome to Essen

Welcome to Germany, welcome to Essen. Have you recently arrived in Essen? This period will bring many changes for you. So much is new and almost everything is still foreign to you. With this information in your language, we want to make it easier for you to find your way in Essen and reorganise your life in a new country.

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Information Materials

We have compiled the most important information for your life in Germany and your first orientation in Essen in brochures.


Arriving in Essen

On your arrival in Essen, you received confirmation of your arrival and your first financial support payment. Now you have to apply to the immigration authorities in order to be able to apply for further social benefits. Support workers will give you the necessary information.

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Language and Integration Programmes

Understanding and being understood are the most important basis for integrating successfully. Integration programmes help you as you begin your new life. They explain about everyday life in Germany, its culture, history and the German language.

Language and Integration Programmes


Healthcare in Germany is very good. If you need to see a doctor, you can obtain a treatment certificate at the Office for Social and Housing Issues. In the local Integration Centre’s health guide, you will find information about suitable healthcare facilities in seven languages

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Education, Work and Qualifications

If you acquired professional experience or completed studies in your country of origin, you can have these recognised at the employment agency. You can obtain information relating to education and further studies at the BildungsPunkt Essen or the education office in Essen.

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Children, Families, Young People

Families have certain questions upon their arrival in Essen: Where can I find childcare and what sort, which schools accept children and young people? What information is available for families? You can find more information about this here.

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The accommodation which initially accepts you should not become your fixed place of residence. You will find rental offers online and in the local newspaper. The housing agency in Essen is also available for support if necessary.

Information on finding a home