Green City of Essen

Quality of accommodation and life

One of the most important factors for quality of life in a city is "greenery", which must be closely connected to both the residential surroundings and the population, as well as fulfilling structural and city-ecology functions in the areas around the centre. As the third greenest city in Germany, Essen offers not only green areas for relaxation within the city and close to residential areas, but also extensive recreational areas for its population.

These include not only more than 700 green areas, but also over 400 playgrounds and a number of large and representative parks in the neighbourhoods. As a "green flagship", the Grugapark offers garden-show level facilities.

1750 hectares of woodland, which is maintained as a near-natural recreational forest, and certified in accordance with the ecological FSC standard, creates a further basis for natural environments in the city and its immediate surroundings. The City of Essen also has an extensive nature reserve of European significance. The Heisinger Ruhraue has its own refuge for rare animal and plant species, over an area of 150 hectares.

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