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Residents' parking

In 1980, the concept of resident's parking was introduced into the road traffic regulations in order to reduce the impact of parking shortages on residents in heavily built-up urban areas. At the end of 2001, the legislature reworked the regulations so that they now apply to "Residents of urban districts with significant parking shortages".

What is residents' parking?

Residents' parking is the concept described in the road traffic regulations whereby residents are permitted to park their vehicles for extended periods in areas where parking is prohibited except for residents, or in which parking is only permitted with a pay-and-display ticket. This requires a parking permit, which is available for a fee from the Amt für Verkehrs- und Baustellenmanagement (Office for Transportation and Construction Site Management) to any residents whose registered primary residence is within the area, and who have a motor vehicle licensed under their name or have permanent use of the same.

Due to high levels of development and the wide range of activities operating in some neighbourhoods, the residents are especially reliant on parking spaces in public areas, which are simultaneously required by visitors and employees.

For this reason, the City of Essen introduced residents' parking regulations in 1993, as a pilot project in the Museumsviertel and Sternviertel districts. This was updated in 2003 with a reworking of the residents parking regulations, and adapted to the new stipulations of the law.

In conjunction with these areas of the city, car parking concepts have been introduced for further parts of Essen's urban area, complete with residents parking regulations. To this end, a list of priorities was produced, and was confirmed in May 2003 by the competent specialist committee. In accordance with this list, car parking concepts will be worked out sequentially for the districts of Rüttenscheid-Nord, Ostviertel, Innenstadt, Holsterhausen, Nordviertel, Südviertel, Westviertel and Vogelheim.

After the conclusion of the work on the car parking concepts for these areas, the priority list will be expanded. Requests for residents' parking facilities will be added to a list of further requirements and collected. When the list of requirements is continued, these requests will be taken into consideration, provided that the statutory requirements are fulfilled. It must be noted here, however, that requests for regulations on an individual street-by-street basis are not practicable due to the displacement effects this produces.

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