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Parking in Essen city centre

Image: Road sign for parking

Parking in Essen city centre is divided into 3 zones:

  • Parking zone 1: City core area
  • Parking zone 2: Expanded city area, and core areas of the larger district centres
  • Parking zone 3: City edge zones, boundary areas around larger district centres, and smaller district centres

In addition, there are parking garages, car parks, underground parking garages and motorcycle parking available in the city centre. These can be called up using the geographical information system. The adjacent link leads directly to a section of the map, illustrating the various parking options in Essen city centre. Under Select Property, you can select a desired parking facility by clicking with the mouse. The map section then zooms in and displays the destination. By clicking on the corresponding map symbol for parking garage, car park etc. using the information arrow, a window opens with information on available spaces, opening hours, fees and more.
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