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Integration Council

The Foreign Nationals Advisory Council for the city of Essen is one of the first advisory councils in North-Rhine Westphalia. As early as 1975 the Social Committee for the city of Essen tasked the administration with the setting up of a Foreign Nationals Advisory Council.

In this way, for more than 35 years now the gremium has represented the interests of a large group of Essen inhabitants at political level.

The principal task of the Foreign Nationals Advisory Council is to utilize offensively all options available, in order to represent the interests of the immigrants in the parliamentary local government bodies.

Thus the Foreign Nationals Advisory Council supports

  • the promotion of equal treatment of the German and non-German population living in Essen,
  • peaceful co-existence and the free development of the people living in Essen from all cultures and areas of origin,
  • the promotion of intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning in all areas of life,
  • is against any and all exclusion and discrimination of people, independent of their national origin.
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