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Migrant organisations (MO)

Recognition and participation

For the City of Essen, the interaction of institutions, specialist service providers, and organisations with the local migrant organisations is an important component of the municipal integration strategy. These associations reach many residents with a variety of original backgrounds and cultures, and are often the first point of contact for many everyday questions. They perform valuable integration tasks in their role as mediators and service providers.

Union of Immigrant Associations Essen

In our city, there are around 100 active migrant organisations. Most of these are registered charities operating under the umbrella organisation of the "Verbund der Immigrantenvereine Essen e.V.". This is financially supported and given specialist assistance by the City on the basis of a cooperation contract. The stated objective of the cooperation is to secure the joint activity in order to support the migrant self-help organisations, and thus to sustainably improve participation and networking.

Further Information

RAA/Office for Intercultural Affairs
Ms Kaplan-Meys on Tel: +49 (0)201/8328-406

Essener Verbund der Immigrantenvereine e.V.
Mr Sürücü on Tel: +49 (0)201/5579 340

FrauenTeamWerk for migrant women

In cooperation with the integration agencies, the RAA/Office for Intercultural Affairs and the municipal equality office, funds from the BAMF have been used over the last two years to build up a network of self-help organisations for migrant women. "FrauenTeamWerk" is now an established component of the umbrella organisation, and invites committed women to discussion meetings, information events and joint undertakings.

Plans include the following:

  • The second "KulturSalon" event of FrauenTeamWerk on 14 September 2012 in the sports hall on Hohendahlstraße (Altenessen, Emscherschule) at 5:30 p.m. The motto "let's play", with group games from different cultural backgrounds and countries, requires you to enjoy movement and bring sporty clothing.
  • The third "KulturSalon" event of FrauenTeamWerk on 13 December 2012 at 6:00 p.m., probably in the Sago theatre (Rüttenscheid). While the previous year had people introducing their favourite books, this year's event is about fairy tales for children and adults.

"KulturSalon" is a series of events organised for women, by women. The focus is on (inter)cultural exchange. The cultural contributions are selected and presented by the women themselves.

For registration and inquiries relating to the events, please contact: Yasemin Kirli on +49 (0)201/5579340 or +49 (0)177/5769825

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