Registering for the first time as an individual

  • is possible for any citizen of a member state of the European Union (EU) at any Bürgeramt (Citizen Centre).
  • must be done by citizens of any other state (non-EU country) with the Aliens Authority.

Personal advisory service and assistance for new immigrants

are available from the migration initial advisory service offices of the non-statutory welfare services.

This individual advisory service and social education supervision is designed for foreigners and ethnic German resettlers (including family members) who reside permanently in Germany, and can only be taken advantage of during the first three years after arrival in the country.

The migration advisory service for adult immigrants is run in Essen by the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Workers' Welfare Organisation, AWO) and the Caritas organisation of the City of Essen. These two agencies maintain a joint migration office in the building of the Aliens Authority. The office is open on Mondays and Thursdays, between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. They can be reached by telephone during these times on +49 (0)201-83 987 83.

The advisory service is otherwise held in the offices of the AWO and the charity association.

AWO: Ms Ilhan, Pferdemarkt 5, 45127 Essen, Telephone: +49 (0)201/1897-406

Caritas organisation: Herbert Fürtges, Niederstr. 12 – 16, 45141 Essen, Telephone: +49 (0)201/32003-32

Martina Zierden, Niederstr. 12 – 16, 45141 Essen, Telephone: +49 (0)201/32003-53

The right school for language beginners who are legally required to attend school

will be found by the advisory service office of the RAA/Office for Intercultural Affairs. Contact partners and opening hours can be found as an information sheet under the key word "School Attendance".

Integration language courses

are on offer from various agencies in Essen. The agency network "Deutsch lernen in Essen" (Learning German in Essen) provides regular information about all course agencies. Specific information about courses can be found under the key words "language course" or "integration language course" on the page entitled "Integration facilities".

Further information relating to the course process can be obtained from the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees), and here from the Regional Coordination Office in Düsseldorf.

Our contact person there is currently Klaus-Peter Kruse, under the telephone number: +49 (0)211 9863-192.

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