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Changes in registration for motor vehicle from outside the registration district

If you wish to register a vehicle in Essen that was most recently licensed outside Essen, please submit the following documents:

  • Licence certificate part II (vehicle title)
  • Licence certificate part I (vehicle registration)
  • most recently used vehicle registration plates, provided the vehicle is not out of service
  • confirmation of insurance
  • valid personal ID card or passport of the future owner (if an underage person is intended to become the owner, a statement of approval is required from both parents, as well as their valid personal ID cards or passports)
  • For companies: Certificate of entry on commercial register and/or the business registration, for sole proprietors also the valid personal ID card or passport of the designated representative
  • Certificate of valid general inspection, where a general inspection has already been due and performed for the vehicle

Since 1 November 2005, the Finanzamt (Tax Office) has had the authority to issue the written authorisation for the direct debit of the motor vehicle tax, within the framework of the licensing process for the same vehicle. If the applicant does not provide this, the licensing authority is entitled to reject the licence application. If the applicant does not attend the office personally, the person assigned to obtain the licence must be given a power of attorney. A corresponding form (power of attorney and direct debit authorisation for the motor vehicle tax) is available to download under the adjacent link as a PDF file that can be completed on-screen.

If a desired customised registration plate has already been issued in advance, please also enclose the confirmation of this.

Please note in this regard that under the link for licence certification parts I + II there is other information available, as there have been changes since the introduction of the new licence documents on 1 October 2005.

If you cannot find an answer here to your question, please email us at the address or call us under +49 (0)201/88-33 999.

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