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Licence certificate part I + part II

Image shows the front side of licence certification part 1
Licence certificate part I front
Image shows the rear side of licence certification part 1
Licence certificate part I back
Sample of licence certification part 2
Licence certificate part II

For reasons of an EU Directive, the vehicle documents that had remained unchanged for decades were altered on 1 October 2005. The objective here was to secure the documents and their entries against forgery.

Since 1 October 2005, the licensing authority has only been permitted to issue new documents. Actually, only one document is issued, consisting of two parts. In order to make the transition process easier, these two parts were described - as previously - as the vehicle registration and the vehicle title. There are nevertheless significant differences that you must be aware of.

Licence certificate part I (vehicle registration)

In order to reduce motor vehicle-related crime, a uniform substrate material is used, which is equipped with variously incorporated and printed security features. In addition, the vehicle registration no longer represents a copy of the vehicle title in terms of information on the vehicle technology. This gives it an entirely new function. This is also where all deviations from the original as-delivered condition are entered. The vehicle title remains unchanged. The names of the individual fields on the document have changed; some have been added, others are no longer present. This affects in particular the permissible wheel/tyre combinations. There is now only one combination entered here.

The de-registration certificate that used to be required for vehicles that are temporarily or permanently decommissioned is no longer necessary. Instead of this, the authority makes an entry on the reverse of the registration document, which is then returned after decommissioning.

Old documents can only be reused in the event of a change of address within the registration district, or where a name is changed. In all other cases, the documents are replaced when changes are made, and a fee is charged.

Licence certificate part II (vehicle title)

The licence certification part II now only contains the most important vehicle data, and for data-protection reasons there are now only two fields for entries relating to the owner, instead of the previous six.

What has changed in Essen

Since 4 October 2005, it has only been possible for organisation reasons to perform address and name changes, and decommissioning, at the Bürgeramt (Citizen Centre)s. The previous services for "Re-licensing a vehicle in Essen to a new owner" and "Issuing replacement documents" can now only be offered at the licensing authority (Kaiser-Otto-Platz 5) due to the comprehensive changes.

The processing times at the authority have become longer, as it is almost always necessary to issue new licence certification. State-of-the-art computer technology is naturally used wherever possible. As 30 - 40% of licensed vehicles are technically modified within their service life, it is necessary for the employees to manually recode these vehicles in the system, from the old configuration to the new, which is associated with considerable time demands.

For vehicles from outside the registration district that must be issued new documents, services can only be provided if the licence certification is presented in full (i.e. parts I and II). Replacement documents can only be issued by the licensing authority that issued the registration plate. If a vehicle registration document has been lost, it has now been necessary since the key date to also submit the vehicle title. In the case of financed cars, the owner can also arrange for the title to be sent to the authorities by the bank directly.

Initially nothing is changing for vehicles that already have a licence. Only when a change is made will it be necessary to replace the previous documents, for which a fee will be charged. This is not optional. As this is a matter of one licence certification in two parts, it is not possible to dispense with one part, or to use one old part and one new one.

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