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Support services available at schools

Morning care (8-1) in the primary-school range

The "School from 8-1" supervision programme provides supervision that goes beyond curriculum-based lessons for a fixed period of 5 hours, starting from the first hour of lessons. Within this period, the children are supervised during break times under the responsibility of the school. This particular schooling option is primarily oriented towards the children of single parents, or where both guardians are in work.

The supervision programme is provided at 80 primary schools with municipal project sponsorship, and additionally at 8 primary schools with private project sponsorship (friends of the school association). In addition, there are municipal supervision groups at three special schools.

For any "School from 8-1" supervision programme managed by municipal project sponsorship, a means-assessed parental contribution must be paid. If multiple children are in school-based programmes, and for programmes run by the Jugendamt (Youth Office), there are special regulations.
More information can be found in the adjacent charter.

For the programmes run with private project sponsorship, individual parental contributions are collected by the friends of the school associations.

From the adjacent overview, you can see which school offer the "School from 8-1" supervision programme.

New primary school / Open all-day school

Since the introduction of the Open All-Day School in Essen, this has been a success story for the City of Essen.

Since the Open All-Day School started in the 2003/2004 school year with 16 groups and 400 participants in Essen, ever greater numbers of parents have been choosing the Open All-Day School, because it makes it easier to combine family and working life.

In recent years, we have already expanded the programme to over 6,200 places in 88 Open All-Day Schools (83 primary schools and 5 special schools).

Since the 2007/2008 school year, there has been a cooperation contract in place between Jugendhilfe Essen GmbH as a sponsor of the Open All-Day Schools, currently covering half of the Open All-Day Schools.

The adjacent overview shows which primary schools this programme applies to.

Educational after-lunch supervision "Cash or placement"

The "Cash or placement" programme has been provided by the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia since 1 February 2009, giving schools partial teacher placements / or cash funds for educational support and supervision during the lunch break for all pupils in secondary level I, with afternoon lessons, as well as for supplementary study groups, sport, culture and support programmes within the framework of all-day and supervision programmes.

Every school is obliged to provide after-lunch supervision with mandatory afternoon lessons for pupils.

In addition to this, supplementary all-day and supervision programmes must be provided to meet the support interests of the pupils and the requirements of the parents.

General school-related matters, regional team 1 - West -
Supervision, language support in Open All-Day Schools, cultural matters
Ms Obst, Tel.: +49 (0)201 88 40313

General school-related matters, regional team 2 - East -
Supervision, language support in Open All-Day Schools, cultural matters
Ms Rubel, Tel.: +49 (0)201 88 40323

General school-related matters, regional team 3 - South -
Supervision, language support in Open All-Day Schools, cultural matters
Ms Zwirner, Tel.: +49 (0)201 88 40333

Schulamt (Education Authority), schools service
Hotline, holiday and illness index
Mr Haegermann, Tel.: +49 (0)201 88 40302
Ms Höfer, Tel.: +49 (0)201 88 40303

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