The new House of Jewish culture - Pictures

“Alte Synagoge" and Edmund-Körner-Platz

Adjacent to the Old Synagogue, the Edmund-Körner-Platz (square) was built. The square provides a connection to the “Jahrhundertbrunnen" (historic fountain) and the Altkatholische Friedenskirche (Old Catholic church).

Main hall of the Old Synagogue

Two wooden models (the former synagogue of Essen and the former synagogue of Halberstadt) show typical architectural details. About 400 memorial records are a testimony of the life of Jews in Essen murdered by the Nazi regime. Picture

View into the dome, 2010

Jewish “Way of Life”

This exhibition provides surprising insights into various fields of Jewish popular culture: for example food, dance, sports, music…

Exhibition "Jewish way of life": Metropolises with Jewish communities

Sources of Jewish traditions and Jewish festivals

“Sources of Jewish traditions” deals with Jewish history, the Jewish calendar, the Torah and various rites of passage. Jewish festivals are explained on the former women’s gallery.

Showcase with kippah, tallit and tefillin

History of the Jewish community in Essen

Personal objects such as friendship books, diaries, certificates, documents and military decorations tell us about the life of Jews who lived in the first half of the Twentieth century in Essen.

Handmade dolls of Edith Samuel

History of the building

The changeful history of the former synagogue reflects about 100 years of German history. Original objects like architectural drawings, documents, pictures and some more are on display.

Certificate at the cornerstone laying ceremony

Portraits of Jewish personalities

50 portraits present Jewish personalities from science, film, entertainment, media and politics.

Portait: Bar Refaeli, Model
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