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House of Jewish Culture. The permanent Exhibition (catalogue)

House of Jewish Culture. The permanent Exhibition

The Old Synagogue was built by the former synagogue community in Essen. Although its interior was once destroyed, the architectural masterpiece is one of the largest and architecturally important free-standing synagogues to be built in Europe at the start of the 20th century. This unique cultural monument contains exhibitions on Jewish history, religion and contemporary culture.

The catalogue contains articles on the history and architecture of the building.

The authors follow the chronology of the Old Synagogue from a burnt-out ruin, via its conversion to a House of Industrial Design and a Memorial Centre, to today's House of Jewish Culture. The final section presents the individual areas and exhibits in the modern, interactive permanent exhibition. A list of further literature invites readers to engage more closely with contemporary Judaism.

ISBN 978-3-8375-1687-6, © Klartext Verlag, Essen 2016, 208 pages.

Price: 19,95 Euro