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Familienpunkt (family advisory centre)

Childcare passport

The childcare passport will be sent to you automatically and free of charge by the Jugendamt (Youth Office). You need it to register with any of Essen's child day-care facilities.
More information on the childcare passport

Baby visitor service

The staff of the baby visitor service visit families with their firstborns, and provide the parents with a welcome package and information material. The welcome package can also be collected from the Familienpunkt (family advisory centre) by presenting the welcome letter.

Parenting letters

Parenting letters will be sent to you free of charge by the parental information service of the Jugendamt (Youth Office). They contain useful information that can support you in raising your children.
More information on parenting letters

Ferienspatz the holiday sparrow

The Ferienspatz activities run over both the summer and the autumn holidays. In the summer holidays, the Ferienspatz also offers its own events. In the Familienpunkt (family advisory centre), you can register for these events using the Residents' PC, and buy the holiday pass.
More information on the Ferienspatz programme

In addition, we offer you information material on the following subjects, amongst others:

  • Advice on raising children
  • Childcare
  • Children's rights
  • Involving children and young people
  • Cultural, sport and leisure activities
  • Family-building courses

Are you looking for information material or do you want to know who your contact person is? Maybe you also have ideas and suggestions about how our city could be more child-friendly. Then contact the Familienpunkt (family advisory centre).
Our staff members will be happy to help you by telephone or in person.

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