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Child day care

Child day care is an educational care service for children between the ages of 0 and 13 years. The aim here is to support children in such a way that they develop independent and community-minded personalities. The three elements of child-raising, education and care form the foundation of this form of childcare. It is held in a familiar environment. The focus here is on the individual interests of the children and parents.

This service is provided by the youth aid organisation in Essen, on behalf of the Jugendamt (Youth Office), and is delivered by the following associations:

  • SkF, Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V. (Catholic Women Social Service), Tel.: +49 (0)201 27508-0
  • VAMV, Verband alleinerziehender Mütter and Väter e.V. (Association of Single Mothers and Fathers), Tel.: +49 (0)201 82774-90 to 94
  • DW, Diakoniewerk (Social and Welfare Work Organisation) Essen, Tel.: +49 (0)201 2664-706, 707 and 708
  • AWO, Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband (Workers' Welfare Organisation) Essen, Tel.: +49 (0)201 1897-333 and 334

The legal basis can be found in article 23 of the German Social Code VIII, Children and Youth Welfare Law (KJHG). The KJHG provides for child-minders caring for children in their own homes, in the homes of the children's parents, or in rented accommodation suitable for children. In order to provide care outside of the home of the child's parents, the child-minders require a valid caregiver's licence. If you have any further questions, please contact the aforementioned specialist organisations.

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