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Childcare Pass (CC Pass)

The Essen Youth Welfare Office is able to provide a childcare pass (CC Pass) for all children in Essen. This includes the child’s name and the childcare number.

You will need the childcare number for

  • the online advance reservation of a space for your child via Little Bird.
  • the personal meeting in the childcare facility/nursery or at the child day care association.

How can I get the CC Pass?

If your child lives in Essen

  • The CC Pass will be automatically sent to the parent’s address after the birth of the child. It is usually sent one month after the child is born.
  • Children who have just moved to Essen with their parents will also be automatically sent the CC Pass one month after registering at the Essen Citizen’s Registration Office.

If your child doesn’t live in Essen (yet)

  • Children who do not live in Essen (yet) but would like to attend a childcare facility here can request the CC Pass.
    Go to online form

If you lose the CC Pass

  • If you lose the CC Pass please contact Familienpunkt and the employees here will give you the CC Pass number. Details are provided in the contact box.


Childcare office, Familienpunkt

Telephone +49 201 88 51777

Fax +49 201 88 51077