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Office for European and International Affairs and Sustainable Development

Perceiving challenges and chances

In addition to municipal, state and federal law, the City of Essen and its citizens are also significantly affected by decisions of the European Union and other international requirements. For example, over 70% of all regulations and directives implemented in Essen are created at EU level. In the area of energy and climate it is even more than 80 %. It is therefore important for the city to be familiar with European law, to make use of it (e.g. subsidies) and to play an active part in shaping it.

Take an active part

The active participation of cities and municipalities at European and international level requires appropriate structures and a broad basis for dealing with the challenges and opportunities of the European unification process. In the public administration of Essen, this basis is formed by the European Round Table in addition to the Office for European and International Affairs and Sustainable Development.

European affairs: Connecting the EU and Essen

The section "European affiars" of the office works as a link to the European institutions and communicates information from the European to the local level and the other way round. The focus is on:

  • Representation of the city's interests through participation in EU legislative procedures, participation in consultations and intensive networking, e.g. with EUROCITIES, Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR), Dialogue on Europe of the State Chancellery and others
  • Advice on project conception and application for EU funding, city-wide coordination and contact with national agencies
  • European public relations work by informing and educating citizens about the EU and its rights within the framework of the EU-funded "Europe Direct Information Centre - Essen"
  • Knowledge generation and transfer by establishing the city of Essen as an EU education location for NRW, including through EU seminars

International affairs: City of Essen in the world

The field of activity "International affairs" includes:

  • Development and coordination of funding (federal, state, EU) for integrated concepts for projects and measures in Essen
  • Analysis of all international activities in the public administration of Essen
  • Development and process support of the internationalization strategy for the public administration of Essen
  • Coordination of international EU-funded projects, e.g. with Koriyama, Japan
  • Analysis and coordination of municipal development cooperation


City of Essen
Office for European and International Affairs and Sustainable Development
House of Technology
Hollestraße 1 g (Entrance East)
45127 Essen

Head of the Office:
Petra Thetard
Phone: +49 (0)201 88 88709

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