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Essen's EU-round table

Members of the EU-round table

Photo: Members of the Europarunde
Members of the EU-roung table in January 2013

Networking as the fundamental idea

The fundamental idea in Essen was and is to support the work being done in Europe on the basis of intensive networking. The EU-round table was therefore initiated by the administration board resolution of 16 June 2009.

Inter-institutional committee

This inter-institutional committee includes representatives from all business areas of the administration, the University of Duisburg-Essen, the regional agency MEO (Mülheim, Essen, Oberhausen), EWG - Essen's business development agency, and EABG - Essen's job creation company. The Office for European and International Affairs and Substainable Development is responsible for the leadership and management of the EU-round table.

Communication and control

The task of the EU-round table is to control the work of Europe in Essen in a joint and coordinated manner, to push the public relations effect on European subjects and to control relevant subjects locally and regionally in a top-down manner. This has been ensured since 2009 by means of regular meetings every 2 months. Furthermore the EU-round table coordinates, manages and developes the international affairs in Essen. The network uses synergy effects for strengthening the town twinnings and shows the attractiveness of Essen in an international context. To this day it archived many strategic results on the way to the European integration.

Past milestones

In the previous meetings of the EU-round table, the content and focus of the EU stimulus directive for the City of Essen group has been discussed in detail. 800 copies were distributed to the members of the round table. In addition, the concept of the EU seminar series and this website are based on intensive discussion in the network.


Office for European and International Affairs and Substainable Development

Petra Thetard
Telephone +49 (0)201 88 88709

EU affairs
Christine Dübbert
Telephone +49 (0)201 88 88732

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