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Strategy Europe 2020

Meeting the demands of globalisation

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Adapting industrial policy to a globalised world

Saving resources

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Changing the behaviour of manufacturers and consumers

The seven key initiatives

Innovative union

The objective is to realign and improve the framework conditions and the availability of funds for research and development.

Youth in motion

High-performance educational systems, attractive universities, and easier entry to the job market should be set as the framework conditions.

Digital Agenda for Europe

The expansion of fast internet access services and their use creates advantages in the internal EU market, as well as for companies and private households.

Resource-saving Europe

It is planned to achieve a resource-saving Europe through technological improvements, through a fundamental restructuring of energy, agricultural, industrial and transportation systems, and by changing the conduct of manufacturers and consumers.

Industrial policy in the age of globalisation

Focal points include the improvement of framework conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and the promotion of a competitive industrial structure.

Agenda for new competencies and employment policy

Modernisation of the employment markets, increasing the employment rate, promoting job mobility and lifelong learning are key points of this initiative.

European platform for combating poverty

The reduction of relative poverty in the EU states, and social cohesion, must be secured.

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