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European Elections

Election of the members of the European Parliament

Election period:

five years

Electoral roll

in Essen on 7 June 2009: 436.296

Electoral district:

The Federal Republic of Germany forms one electoral district.

Subdivision of the Essen city area into 341 districts for voting purposes.

Electoral system:

List election based on the principle of proportional representation.


All persons entitled to vote have one vote each that can be cast for a list.

Entitlement to vote:

Entitled to vote are German nationals and nationals from EU member states as from their 18th birthday, provided they have been registered as resident in Germany for at least 3 months before the election and are not otherwise excluded from the right to vote.

Also entitled to vote are German nationals who, on the day of the election, are living in a member state of the Council of Europe, provided they left Germany after 23 May 1949, and German nationals who have been living for not longer than twenty-five years in another country.

Entitlement to be elected:

all persons entitled to vote can also stand for election.

Election results are determined

in accordance with the mathematical proportion method (so-called "Hare-Niemeyer" method).