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Location and Traffic Connection

It could hardly be more convenient - or more flexible to get to Essen. Thanks to its central location in the heart of the Ruhr district, it is easily accessible by car, train and plane. The city is connected to the national and international motorway network via the A40, A42 and A52. Over 100 InterCity, EuroCity and InterCityExpress long-distance trains stop at Essen’s main railway station every day. Travelling from Hamburg takes three hours, just under four from Berlin and Munich is only around five hours from Essen. And within the city itself, the principle of short distances still applies: all main tram and subway lines stop at the main station; additional bus lines stop at destinations throughout Essen.

It only takes 20 minutes by car to reach Dusseldorf International Airport via the A52/A44, and trams on the S1 line as well as several regional express and long distance trains connect Essen with the airport (roughly a 21-minute journey). Other airports nearby include Cologne/Bonn (around an hour by train) and Dortmund (approximately 45 minutes by car).

Environmental zone

With effect from January 2012, a coherent environmental zone has been established in the Ruhr Area. This environmental zone stretches from Duisburg to Dortmund, and covers an area of around 850 square kilometres. Within the marked zone, it is prohibited to drive any motor vehicle that does not have an environmental sticker. With effect from January 2013, it will be prohibited to drive any vehicle with a red sticker. After 1 July 2014, the environmental zone will be off limits for vehicles with red or yellow stickers.

Essen environmental hotline: +49 201 8859999

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