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In the internal European market and in the age of globalization, cities are more and more in competition with one another. This holds particularly true for large cities as investments in economy and science are arranged in locations that present themselves as attractive international locations and are active in international relationships.

This also includes taking action in the global competition in order to remain attractive as a location for technology and business, headquarters of international corporations, tourism destination, centre of science and innovation, host of major international events, home to internationally renowned cultural institutions and also as a cosmopolitan and sustainable city.

The City of Essen benefits strongly from funds of the European Union (EU). It receives about 35.4 million euros of financial benefits each year for different projects in the fields of culture, environment, construction, social issues and education. This money directly benefits the citizens as the projects lead to a higher quality of life. This is the declared aim in almost every international project.

Essen is the first city to receive the European Capital of Culture award in 2010 and the European Green Capital award in 2017 by the European Commission. As many as 1.4 million visitors attended the events of the Capital of Culture. In 2020 we celebrate the tenth anniversary. Furthermore Essen will always be the European Green Capital 2017. This award was a reward for achieving high environmental standards. Essen has assumed a pioneering role and is a role model for other cities. Numerous project participations in international research projects on environmental issues bear witness to the interest of other cities in our experience.

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