Registration of persons

Moving in from another city


If you have moved to Essen from another city, you will have to register yourself, and if applicable everyone else who lives in your household, at the Bürgeramt (Citizen Centre).

Under the Registration Law, this registration process must take place within 14 days of moving into the new property.

The registration process requires at least one member of the family to attend the Bürgeramt (Citizen Centre) in person. If you move in from another country, every family member hast to attend.

In order to register, personal and valid identity documents, e.g. personal ID cards, must be submitted by all family members. If you are moving in from another country, you have to submit birth certificates of your children and/or a marriage certification, if applicable.

A landlord´s confirmation of tenancy (a so called „Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) is required.

You do not need to complete a registration form. You can submit the necessary details directly during processing at the Bürgeramt (Citizen Centre).

A printout will be provided of the data saved, for you to check and for your records.


If you are moving in from another german city, or if you leave Essen to another german city, De-registration with the previous registration authority is no longer necessary, as is the confirmation of the property owner regarding your moving in. In case you are leaving germany, you have to de-register.

No fees are charged, provided that you register within the correct period.

One further important note:

Citizens of member states of the European Union, and the EEA states of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, can register at any Bürgeramt (Citizen Centre).

If you are a citizen of another country, you must first register in Essen with the Aliens Authority, Schederhofstr. 45, bringing the necessary documents with you. After that, if you move in a new property within Essen, the registration process can take place in the Bürgeramt regardless of your citizenship.

Required documents

  • Any birth certificates or register
  • Personal ID card, passport, child's passport or child's personal ID card for all persons to be registered
  • landlord confirmation of tenancy

Contact information
Bürgeramt (Citizen Centre)


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