New in Essen?

Welcome to the heart of the Ruhr Area

This is somewhere you want to live. Citizens of Essen know that living in the centre of one of the most interesting regions in Europe not only makes you feel good because it is a capital of culture, but it also lets you enjoy life to the full at all times.

Service for new residents of Essen

If you have moved to Essen from another city, you will have to register yourself, and if applicable everyone else who lives in your household, at the Bürgeramt (Citizen Centre).

Under the Registration Law, this registration process must take place within seven days of moving into the new property.
Further information on registration of persons

If you still cannot find information or services, we have set up a special service for you:

Simply send us your question or suggestion using the email form, and in this way you can help us to continuously improve our service.

The City of Essen is delighted to welcome you as new residents of Essen.

Your Residents Advisory Service Team

Service-Center (information in German)

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