Old Synagogue Essen

Permanent Exhibition in the "House of Jewish Culture"

The permanent exhibition in the Old Synagogue - House of Jewish Culture consists of several areas:

  • Sources of Jewish traditions and Synagogue
  • Jewish festivals
  • Jewish "Way of Life"
  • History of the house
  • History of the Jewish Community of Essen

Sources of Jewish Traditions and Synagogue

What feeds Jewish traditions to this day? Various areas provide insights into this: the long Jewish history, the Jewish calendar, the Torah, life events and the synagogue as a place of assembly.

Jewish festivals

Originally, the six large stained-glass windows above the women’s gallery were dedicated to central Jewish festivals. Therefore, Jewish festivals are presented in six showcases on the gallery

Jewish "Way of Life"

Contrary to a widespread opinion, Judaism is much more than religion and cannot be grasped by the term “religious community” alone. Judaism is an all-encompassing way of life and does not correspond at all to the many clichés. This exhibition area invites you to take unusual insights into Jewish life: How differently are traditions lived? How does this "way of life" show itself in music, films, dance, clothing and much more? These are just a few of the areas covered in this interactive exhibition area.

History of the building

The eventful history of the synagogue building is told in photo projections and with the help of exhibits. A computer-assisted point of interest leads to numerous other documents and pictures.

History of the Jewish community in Essen

Drawing on the archive collection of the Old Synagogue, visitors can learn about the history of the Jewish community in Essen. Using personal items such as photos, poems, drawings, escape diaries, medals and much more, we tell stories about the lives of former Essen Jews. A computer-assisted point of interest leads to numerous other documents and pictures.


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