The Foundation "Alte Synagoge" Essen

Citizens promote culture

The Foundation supports the work of the municipal cultural centre “Old Synagogue”.

The “Old Synagogue” – a fascinating cultural monument

Dedicated as a synagogue in 1913, set ablaze in 1938, acquired by the City of Essen in 1959, its interior restoration 1986-88: the former synagogue at the Steeler Straße is nowadays one of Germany’s most fascinating monuments of Jewish culture. Yet it is more than just an architectural jewel!

The “Old Synagogue” – a cultural center for the citizens of Essen

Established in 1980 as “Old Synagogue”, it serves as a meeting place offering a large variety of programmes for all ages groups.

Guided tours, exhibitions, lectures and special educational projects, in particular for young people, provide insights into Jewish life and culture, both in the past and the present. A forum for political discussion encourages debate and exchange on current and future issues of democracy and freedom. The “Alte Synagoge” is a particularly attractive venue for cultural events such as concerts, readings, theatre productions etc.

The Foundation “Old Synagogue” Essen – is committed to the present and the future

The Foundation "Alte Synagoge" Essen was established in order to turn this building of historical significance into an even more vibrant and inviting place of encounter for all generations.

With regard to funding and content, the foundation’s support of the “Alte Synagoge” focuses on

  • events connected with the community, civil society and political life in Germany in the broadest sense.
  • events related to German-Jewish history, culture and present-day issues, as well as to Jewish history and culture in general.

A citizens’ foundation

More than 400 founders and donors have already committed themselves to support us. Why not join them in enriching Essen “Alte Synagoge” cultural program? Every contribution counts!

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